Launch of Legacy Cigars a Dream Come True

Little girls with dreams become women with vision. – Anonymous

                                                                                                                                    This is the most accurate description I can provide that explains this moment. The release of Legacy Cigars, and creation of Legacy Tobacco Co. This not an entire life dream but one in the making for more than three years at best. This woman’s vision of having her own cigar brand, is unfolding. Something that was manifested, researched into, and sought after through so many avenues into how to make it happen. The vision I worked so hard to achieve is here! It is now! The Legacy Begin here! I’m building from the knowledge of my family whom worked tobacco fields of North Carolina, and my passion of cigars. This is a gem that carry on through my family for decades to come. This is a monumental moment, for me as I am changing the narrative for not just my family, but for other black families who cropped tobacco in NC. This is my first step in changing the narrative, and leaving an unforgettable impact on the cigar industry. Follow me on this journey as I continue to learn and grow in this industry. This is just beginning. A beautiful beginning. 

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